World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem – The Artists


LajediDj LaJedi
Dj LaJedi ✭ Minister of Sound ✭ ELAvator of Frequencies ✭ STARFLEET

Representing Detroit to the Uni: Musician, Producer, Dj, Student, Servant to Spirit. Over 6 years experience supporting emcees in Detroit and internationally, facilitating live performance, radio, open mics, cyphers, battles, breakin’ records and rockin’ crowds. Her Soul has been nurtured in Detroit…LaJedi’s work is to express and expose the depth of her city’s groove to the world and enhance cross­cultural awareness in her community and beyond. Now, LaJedi is promoting the sound of her city through her “DETRIOT SONICLYZM” mixtape series. She has also collaborated with internationally beloved emcee One Be Lo of Binary Star as touring Dj and live band performer for over three years and three tours, and features on his “Laborhood” album. In January of 2013, LaJedi achieved global renown for her collaboration with World Hip Hop Market and Nomadic Wax: ”World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up”, an International Hip Hop Mixtape featuring Female Emcees from over 15 nations. LaJedi is an Official STARFLEET DJ/ Commander. She stars in “Global Warming 2022” the latest release from STARFLEET’s legendary 5 ELA. Tune in to STARFLEET Radio with DJ LaJedi on DetroitFreq, Detroit’s only community radio station. Funk with LaJedi, she loves and lives music. Dance your Divinity! Bump the Bottom! Now and Forever. PEACE.
jessicajessica Care moore

jessica Care moore has spent the past twenty years proving that she is one of the most dynamic voices for women today, establishing herself as an Apollo Theater poetry legend at a young age, and growing to become the CEO of Moore Black Press, Executive Producer of Black WOMEN Rock!, and founder of the literacy-driven, Jess Care Moore Foundation.  An internationally renowned poet, playwright, performance artist and producer, moore is the author of five books, and her poetry has been heard on stages like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the London Institute of Contemporary Arts. She has performed on every continent. jessica Care moore believes poems belong everywhere and to everyone. She is the youngest poet published in the Prentice Hall Anthology of African American Women’s Literature, by Valerie Lee, alongside literary greats such as Zora Neale Hurston, Alice Walker, Octavia Butler, Maya Angelou and many others. moore’s poetry is featured on Nas’ Nastradamus album, Talib Kweli’s Attack The Block Mix Tape, and she is a returning star of Russell Simmons’ HBO Series, “Def Poetry Jam.” She continues to push the boundaries for poetry on stage, producing shows blending musical genres including techno, soul, jazz, rock and hip hop, and her debut album “Black Tea: The Legend of Jessi James” is scheduled to be released in 2015 through Talib Kweli’s Javotti Media. jessica Care moore currently lives, writes and plays in downtown Detroit, where she is proud to be raising her 7-year old visual artist, baseball loving, drums and hockey playing son, King Moore.


iamblackgirlI.B.G (IamBlackgirl)

The daughter of activist parents from small Caribbean islands, Nantali Indongo, aka IamBlackgirl, follows those natural instincts, carrying the torch into classrooms and communities, into studios and onto stages, with master’s tools and microphones. Her goal is exposing to educate, rhyming to rouse. All of that, so that the top tips over and humbles itself; the bottom sees the booby traps and makes an educated move. She is the co-founder of the Hip Hop No Pop series, an educational and interactive workshop series that looks at the non-violent origins of Hip Hop culture; a researcher/writer-broadcaster at CBC Radio Montreal; and a Storyteller. Her sense of purpose is to push conversations forward to a place where positive inspiration becomes positive action.




mayaMaya Jupiter

“The Chicana From Down Under” – Born in La Paz, Mexico to a Mexican Father and Turkish Mother, Maya grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she first fell in love with hip hop. Her love of writing rhymes helped her express her fear, pain, joy and hope as a teenager and later on she realized the power music held in using it as a tool to make a positive difference in her community. Maya Jupiter co-founded Artivist Entertainment, an entertainment company committed to creating and supporting art and music that inspires positive social change, alongside her comrades Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzales, Alberto Lopez and Aloe Blacc.

She has released two solo albums, with a style developed from her love of hip hop, dancehall and soul, featuring live instrumentation and lyrics that are powerful, vibrant, and uplifting. Maya’s first album ‘Today’ debuted in 2003 on Mother Tongues, the first label dedicated solely to women in hip-hop. She has produced several hip hop radio shows including the national ‘Triple J’s Hip Hop Whow’ and her own show, ‘Black Beans, Brown Rice’ Radio show, on



Medusa is a young MC from Tunis (Tunisia), one of the members of the vital Tunisian hip hop scene. Early in her life, Medusa struggled to express her voice. But as a b-girl since the age of 10, she began singing at age of 16, then continued her fight to be a part of hip hop as a daughter of her nation. Today, Medusa performs at large international festivals and uses her voice to rap about the ambitions and dreams of a Tunisian Arab Muslim woman, fighting against the discrimination of females.­6

DSSenseD.S. Sense

Detroit born D.S. Sense found her passion for music at a young age, learning in the tradition of Motown artists by singing R&B and soul songs, while finding her passion for hip hop at a young age. While becoming an accomplished poet in the city’s thriving open mic scene, she began releasing her music in 2006 with the album “Start Up Money”. In 2013, she released her third album “Space Audissey”, which featured production from Apollo Brown, Black Bethoven, Planet Da Majestic, growing her reputation as a dynamic performer with styles ranging from Neo-Soul to hip hop. Her raps are complex rhythmic testimonials of her life, mature and confident, and her singing voice places well in today’s neo-soul soundscape.





Witnesz was born Witness F. Mwaijaga  in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and from her early years she was encouraged by her family, ”you can be anything as long as you put your mind, energy and soul to it.’’  Witnesz has become an East African hip hop icon, with a halting, recognizable Busta Rhymes-inspired rhyme style lyrics rooted in complexity, ingenuity, and humor. Her musical path began in 2005 as a researcher on hip-hop’s influence in the slums and ghettos of Kinondoni Dar es Salaam. Once she realized that there were no female MC’s doing hip-hop, she decided she wanted to change that and started performing alongside the male dominated game of hip hop. She has won different awards and competitions including the Coca Cola Pop Star in 2004, when she was briefly a member of Tanzania’s pop star group called Wakilisha (meaning representing). In 2005 she collaborated with Zap Mama and recorded a song titled “For The Blues,” a song condemning female circumcision. She has won several awards for her music, including the World Hip-hop Awards in Nigeria voting her as best music of the world.




Manager and singer of the rap trio K-Lidas of San German, Cuba, Leli is a declared feminist in a country of ‘macho’, using her music to combat the social and emotional discrimination against women. She has won music competitions at the Festival of Rap Holguin, as well as participated at the Romerias de Mayo, one of Cuba’s main musical events. In 2014, Leli arrived in Italy for the first time, with manager and partner Sergio Limuti (ex Voices Atrocity), beginning new collaborations and appearing on stage with Esa and Zero Plastica, and Randal Sestri Levante, among others. Her goal in Italy, with help from the children of Groove Yard, is to try to mix the Cuban hip hop to the upbeat rhythms and Jamaican dancehall.






lurdezLurdez da Luz

Lurdez da Luz has had a career in hip hop lasting over ten years, achieving many firsts as an MC in her native country of Brazil. She has rocked audiences throughout the nation, including the cities Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belem, Salvador and Curitiba, and has shared the stage with hip hop legends like Jurassic Five , De La Soul , Mos Def , Pharoahe Monch, as well as Rashid and The Metropolitan Orchestra, marking the first time that a Brazilian MCs have had their songs arranged by orchestra in the country. In 2010, she released her debut album, receiving positive reviews from many national publications. In 2011, the debut of her music video “Andei” helped launch her to stardom, as she toured the country blending hip hop, electronic music and Brazilian styles to the excitement of fans everywhere.


moyeniMoyenei (Estreya Morena)

Moyenei Valdés is a singer, songwriter and digital artist, Chilean gold record winner and Latin Grammy nominee. As the founder and creator of the Chilean band Mamma Soul (1997), she began her career with the group recording and mixing music in Mestizo, reggae and hip hop styles in Chile, growing to become award winning artists and one of the most important bands in the music scene. In 2003, Moyenei began her solo career, releasing albums, creating female art collectives, and collaborating with leading international artists in Germany, Spain, Peru, Mexico and USA. She has performed live at various festivals in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Norway, Mexico, El Salvador and Chile, among others. Since 2006, she has been relocated to Mexico, and has continued her musical career touring throughout the country, as well as Latin America and Europe. In 2007, she helped create the musical combo Sonidero Meztizo Creative Cultural Manifesto, becoming active in the development and implementation of social projects in prisons, schools, and parks, promoting reading and projects related to art and gender. Her work is to produce festivals focusing on social causes relating to the defense of the environment, and the human rights to life and love.


sarinaSarina Leah

East London born singer/­songwriter Sarina Leah (one half of London hip­ hop Afro­soul duo Native Sun) is known for her soulful jazz tinged voice and undying love for spirituality and message in the music songwriting. She has worked with IG Culture, Les Nubians, Eric Lau, Dego (4 hero), TY, and Te1 productions, and she continues to merges her voice with hip ­hop production at every opportunity. Alongside music making, she is a designer and creative director for her fashion label wildsuga ( She engages in creative community workshops, focusing on recycling and the resourcefulness of both vintage and indigenous lifestyles as a reference to empowering hand­making skills, womanhood and the sustainability of restoring waste textiles. (“Both Music and Creativity feed my passion to inspire & develop communities to then empower lives”. Love Sarina Leah)



“MOTHER NATURE WITH A MOLOTOV” :: Skilled in the art of lyrical alchemy, staHHr, has been perfecting her craft and honing her lyrical warrior skills since the latter part of hip hop’s” Golden Era”. Carving a niche for herself by interweaving intellect, natural law, metaphysics and social awareness with the essence of pure, unadulterated hip hop lyricism, she consistently provides a welcome breath of fresh air. No stranger to the elements and culture of hip hop, staHHr has sharpened her sword in street ciphers, mc battles (Blaze, The Source, Red Bull, etc.) and performing on local, national and global stages. During the course of her career, this verbal vanguard has accumulated a global fan base and an impressive resume of releases that include DOOM’s “Mm Food” and “Born Like This”, King Geedorah‘s “Take Me to Your Leader”, and The Micranots “Obelisk Movements”. Memphis-born and Atlanta-based, staHHr is an integral part of the Atlanta Hip Hop community, and formerly the lone feminine component of the Subverse Music and Metal Face Records rosters. In 2008 she unleashed her debut solo album “Almost Neva Was”, and has since shared the stage with Del, Ab-Soul, DOOM, KRSONE, dead prez, Boot Camp Clik, John Robinson, Planet Asia, El Da Sensei, Jasiri X, Luciano, Amiri Baraka, Homeboy Sandman, Immortal Technique, J-Live, Brother J (X-Clan), C-rayz Walz, and Invincible. staHHr was featured in the March 2012 issue of The Source magazine in “The Plight of The Female MC” article. In 2012 she released “Mother Nature with a Molotov: Molotov Season”, and has lectured on women in hip hop at Wesleyan University, is a health enthusiast and is involved with several community-based organizations. Poised with mic in hand and an unending reservoir of lyrics, staHHr’s mission and focus is simple: preserve, innovate and bring balance to the culture of hip hop with her music. Welcome to the Golden Era Future.

shedneyShedney Ruffin

Nashedy Helena Licié, known by her stage name Shedney Ruffin, is a female MC, singer and songwriter who grew up in a musical family, taking interest in music at a very young age. During her childhood, the hip ­hop scene and culture was still underground in her home country of the Netherlands and she often felt like an outcast throughout high school and was teased because of her baggy clothes and taste in music, yet she stayed on the track. In her first year of high school she became friends with Tonna (@Tonna5713). Her first hip hop group began in high school, and in 2004 she won 1st place in the national Kunstbende prize and got booked for many international shows. After a three year break, she rediscovered music and came out showing a more mature side of her music combined with vocals and edgy rhymes. In 2009 she connected with hip­hop/jazz/drum ‘n bass producer Estobe, and together with rapper Antoine Fischer they formed the group “Skillz4Breakfast”, becoming the foundation of her self-­invented style “Dunglish” (Dutch and English). She is now a solo artist, creating a movement that she has called 5th Column.


Sadahzinia has been the leading female force of hip hop in Greece since she began working in the studio and performing live shows in Greece and Europe in 1994 with the group Active Member, the most influential hip hop act to come out of Greece, helping to launch the national hip hop scene. Active Member and Sadahzinia decided to rename their genre of music in order to differentiate themselves between the commercialization happening to hip hop in the States, calling their music “Low Bap”, and maintaining a strong political and socially active message in the music. In 2003, Sadahzinia and B.D.Foxmoor (her producer and “soul” of Active Member) founded “8ctagon”, their own label which provides a vehicle for record releases, tours, movies and the like. These past years she has worked either in the studio or on the stage with several artists both from abroad and from Greece, such as Waldemar Bastos, Sokratis Malamas, Rodney P, Skitz, Killa Kela, Mixologists, Adam Fuest, Winston Irie, Chris Hall, Oliver Wilson, Dynamo Dresden, Extremists, jazz legend Eric Truffaz, Veronica Harcsa and jazz trio Thomas Shiffling and more. Sadahzinia has a healthy diregard for the “rules” about what a rapper ought or ought not to do. For example, she is a well known and beloved writer in children literature. She has also written theatrical plays for kids, and has done a lot of community work with kids at schools all over the country. Sadahzinia has released six solo albums and is now working on her new projects. Still her most important role is that of being a proud mother of two happy children.

jezzypJezzy P

Jezzy P is recognized as one of the female rap music pioneers in Mexico and one of its leading figures active in the scene since 1996. She currently heads the Hip Hop Collective ‘Mujeres Trabajando’ (Women at Work), created in 2009 to support womens rap, graffiti, break dance and beat making, as well as supporting women outside of hip hop. In 2010 they released the first compilation of the collective, an important example female hip hop in Mexico, helping the group become recognized as unique in Latin America thanks to her work dedicated to spreading the values of respect, sisterhood, freedom of expression, tolerance and inclusion of women’s work in all aspects of society.Jezzy P has worked in voiceover, theater, radio, Mexican ‘telenovelas’ like ‘Corazones al Limite’ in 2004 , movies and the successful Mexican TV series as ‘Cappadocia’ in its second season (2011). She has collaborated with various rappers from Mexico and beyond, including the mixtapes ‘Mujeres Trabajando Vol 1’ (2010), Dj Mesia ́s ‘Beyond the Border Breaks Vol 1’ (2010) and ‘Indie O Music Awards Compilation’ (2011). Throughout her career she has rocked stages with the most important representatives of Mexican hip hop, and has participated in all the most important Mexican hip hop festivals. Jezzy P has opened set for international artists like Beatnuts, Delinquent Habits, SFDK, Ana Tijoux, Sinful One ‘El Pecador, Psycho Realm, Akwid, Arianna Puello, Miss Bolivia and Kumbia Queers. She has traveled to various conferences and workshops to talk about the hip hop culture and the role of women in the independent music, and conducts her workshops in cultural centers, schools and community female centers.


looplunaLoop Loona

Loop Loona was born in the province of Reggio Calabria, Italy, and between thirteen and fourteen years she had her first contact with the world of hip hop through the underground rap scene and actively participated in local jam. She began to travel to countries like Syria and Tunisia to work with local hip hop artists, and in 2010 in Italy she recorded her first official album, “Elle TV”, produced entirely by FFiume, a concept album that recalls the aesthetics of the first television broadcasts. In December 2012, Loop Loona released the “Loonatica” digital EP, which saw the MC engaged with new styles, and included music videos for the songs “All Clear” and “Looney Loop”. Through it all, Loop Loona has never lost sight of the primary goal, to represent the ideal of a strong, confident woman that emerges and stands out as an artist.

devourDevour Ke Lenyora

Noluthando Mamabolo, known as Devour Ke Lenyora, has everyone within the South African hip hop game on their toes, with an array of talents that include song writer, singer, actress, rap artist, guitarist and the skills to be a young entrepreneur. She is the last born of three girls from her mother’s side and the only child to her deceased father, Jabulani Mamabolo. Born in 1991 and raised by her grandparents in the dusty streets of Daveyton, she has always had a passion for music and arts. Her visible love for hip hop emerged in 2003 when she started writing raps and performing them in school cipher, and her art took solid shape in 2007 when she began studio recording. In November 2011, she released her mixtape “Preludes”, a 15 song mix of versatile, skillful rhymes and good music. Her music has allowed her to perform on international stages and be heard on radio throughout Africa, with a talent and drive surpassing her age by far.­Ke­Lenyora/203940089617127

AncestressAncestress and Yilinhi

Teila Watson, known as Ancestress, is of the first nations of Australia, representing her heritage of Birri Gubba Wiri and Kungalu Dawson River Murri, from the area now referred to as Central QLD, Australia. Born and raised in Brisbane, Teila has worked professionally in the performing arts industry for over 8 years, as well as performing traditional dance from an early age. She is a singer/songwriter, poet, actor, hip hop artist, arts work facilitator, writer and multi-media visual artist. Focusing more on political, philosophical and evolutionary insight, Teila writes about pressing issues from a unique black perspective. As she states herself, “I’m not an artist trying to sound political, I’m a political voice trying to make people listen”.­Teila­Watson/391613560946698