Who’s that girl? Elsa, the girl in the game

Published On July 8, 2009 | By Greg | Sweden

elsa(from press release)

Elsa is a 20 year old rapper from Stockholm who released the demo “Satisfaction (PrettyUgly)” in 2007. After a smaller success with the demo, Elsa got gigs at festivals all over Sweden, was featured in interviews and got airtime on both Swedish and French radio. Since, Elsa has released a 6-track netplay together with Duggud and singer Rehanna, featured on several mixtapes and compilations and now she is about to release the record “Stickup”.

In the beginning of July, Elsa released her single “Girl in the Game” complete with a video. The song is about Elsa’s reflections upon the gender roles within the rap game and it is produced by RSL Beats. She started recording “Stickup” in late 2007 and finished in Feburary 2008. Unfortunately time runs fast and the release has not been current until now.

Because of Elsa’s attitude, fast flow and poetic lyrics she is a versitile rapper which is reflected in this record and can be seen when she performs live on stage. The record “Stickup” is just first in row of what is ahead for the girl in the game.