Video of the day: Amkoullel “Farafina” (Mali)

Published On October 27, 2009 | By Greg | Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Mali

amkoullelFarafina is another word for Africa. ‘Respect imposes itself and work imposes respect. Africa, get up and walk like Soundiata (Soundiata Keita was a Malian emperor of the 14th century)’.

Over three albums, Issiaka Ba alias Amkoullel, has become one of the most talented rappers of his generation in Mali. Amkoullel, Fulani children is primarily the title of a novel by one of the greatest writers from Mali, Amadou Bah Hampaté. The rapper chose this name so consciously. This choice is in line with the commitment that characterizes Amkoullel a commitment in the sense of the potential of Africa. This young qu’Amkoullel meets rap. In 1993 he had his first stage with the band Smooth Movers. Influenced by American rap, Amkoullel multiplies and creates partnerships with the Alien D group Guerya Kuma, literally guerrilla speech. But far from being limited to rap, Amkoullel open to other styles of music and fuses without departing from traditional rhythms. He then joined the cast of Cheikh Tidiane Seck, participates twice in Nice Jazz Festival where he associated with stars such as Manu Dibango, Keziah Jones, Rokia Traore and makes provision with Alpha Blondy, Lobi Traore and Tiken Jah Fakoly … around him there are rappers activists Tata Pounds, Lassy King Massassy, Doudou Masta all very popular in Mali.

A figure of the new generation music of Mali

Between scenes, Amkoullel studied law, but soon the music takes over. His first album, Infaculté released in 2002, with texts nuisance against ignorance. Follow Surafin (bribe) in 2003 and Waati Sera (It’s time!), Self-produced with the label Woklo Barka Prod in 2007, an opus which militates against the derogatory image What the Africans themselves. With several compilations and mixtapes to his credit, has managed Amkoullel artists from Mali K7, where he served as sales director for communication and talent development. He opened the first school of dance hip-hop dance urban Mali: The Farafina Club. Founding member of the Association for Hip-hop in Mali, he met artists, DJs, graffiti artists, dancers. In October 2008, he founded with Yacoustar Cissoko, Eric de Bonono Bisconti, Christophe Perrotin Gafoukiss and Papy-K group and the Amkoullel Grooveez to make hip-hop shows live. Positiver image of Africa through culture is its combat. This desire to make things happen in his country and his continent pushed to create the MILF Arts Association, to give chance to young talents in herbs to discover and give access to young Malian art culture and business communication and information. Amkoullel is also the host star Sanga Case 2, a reality show broadcast on Africa. Each of his appearances at awards Sanga Case 2, the Palace of Culture Hampate Ba triggers hysteria among young Malian. The award of Best Rap Group, obtained the trophies of the Mali Music in 2007, has certainly exacerbated the phenomenon.

The title also speaks Farafina respect! “In Africa, compliance does not beg. He deserves the job. In my texts, I fight against the negative image it gives to Africa,” adds the artist. This therefore requires the culture, rap and certainly reading.

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