Video: Krakowski Rap Kontratakuje (KRK) – “Chodź na pole” (Poland)

Published On February 24, 2013 | By Greg | Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Poland

In perhaps one of the biggest posse cuts the world has ever seen, 34 Polish MCs gather to promote hip hop in Krakow. Organized by the Dealpack Clan, the project was entirely recorded and filmed in Krakow, Poland. Including the producers and DJ, there is a total of 40 artists involved in this massive project.

Rhymes: Narrow, Cones, Blanton, Ind., Daros, Sabot, Wiolin, Wuer, Draq, Peas, Mbe, Polar, Emka, shot of vodka, Zielak, Sniper, Popeye, Horde, Frank, Maro, DymiTree, Tobi, Ryvin, the Devil, folk, Ośwa, madman, Tater, Zabol, Arczi, Starling, Atama, Kejraz, Goat

Beats: Szymson, Ryvin / Cheerful, Wuszu, Pece, Wuszu, Kejsibi.

DJ: Hddcut