Video: Global Cipher at Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival 2012

Published On May 6, 2013 | By Greg | Canada, Congo, France, Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Iraq, Mozambique, Portugal, Senegal, UK, USA

cipher2012friday_sliderHip hop artists from around the world gather at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival 2012. Nomadic Wax was there to capture them in two epic ciphers. This Day #1 (Friday) cipher features artists from USA, Canada, Senegal, Iraq, the UK, Mozambique, the DRC, France, and Portugal.

Just in case you missed the second (Saturday) cipher from 2012, here you go.

Global Ciphers: Trinity International Hip Hop Festival, Saturday Cipher (2012) from Nomadic Wax on Vimeo.