Video: ATPC – “Sangue (ft. Marco Travaglio, Luca Morino, Bunna & Nitto)” (Italy)

Published On May 3, 2013 | By Greg | Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Italy

ATPC_sliderATPC wrote the history of Italian hip hop. The rap duo of Rula and Sly, ATCP (Alta Tensione Produzioni Clandestine – High Voltage Clandestine Productions), has been active in Torino since 1990. Although they are one of most well-known crews in Italy, for many of the ‘90s grown up youngsters, ATPC are the symbol of Italian old-school rap. Through the years, they always been loyal to their philosophy, keeping their style and preserving their original taste for the pure, original hip hop.

Now ATPC are back with their 8th album, Veramente (For Real), 14 tracks of pure hip hop, with a strong old-school flavor and lyrics, but at the same time with a fresh and modern sound.

“Sangue” (“Blood”) is the first single from the new album. For this track, the rap duo features a variety of artists, all very different from each other, but all connected by the same city, Torino. In order of appearance, Luca Morino, vocalist of Mau Mau, folk rock band rooted in local tradition but inspired by African rebels, Bunna, from Africa Unite, the first reggae crew in Italy, raising the flag of Italian reggae roots since 1981, and Nitto, from Linea 77, nu metal crew, one of the most important band in the Italian rock scene. Among the artists is also the appearance of Marco Travaglio, one of most famous and prestigious journalists in Italy.

“Sangue” is the most representative track of the new album. As ATPC revealed in an interview for “Panorama”, the title works as a metaphor which portraits the current socio-cultural condition of Italy. Today, to catch people’s attention, you have to show blood, meaning you must exaggerate every feeling and emotion. That is typical of all forms of communications, and television makes regular abuse of it. To the point that people got used to it, and they want it, now they need to see the blood. This idea is made explicit in the refrain, which sings: “people want blood”.

The special guests who appear on the track – three important names of independent music in Torino – they all share with APTC this attitude and approach to society. Even Marco Travaglio, a journalist who has always been critical of the leadership and considered a symbol of free information, perfectly fits to this songs when, around minute 3.00, he reads a monologue, calling out the cynicism and hypocrisy in show biz.

The album gets the essence of ATPC as they say, “without filters and without masks.” Their musical maturity and long experience, the freshness of their flow and of the lyrics, in addition to their attention for the details has brought to a good work of quality music. For the production they chose djs of the level of Bassi Maestro, DJ Shocca, Michel, Sid, and others. The rappers who joined the work are Maxi B, Danti, Mista and Ghemon.

The album is available on Itunes. Now, after the release concert in Torino on 3th March, ATPC are busy with “Veramente” live tour throughout Italy.