The World Hip-Hop Massive celebrates: The 38th Anniversary Of Hip-Hop, 39th Anniversary Of Zulu Nation (USA)

Published On November 12, 2012 | By jackson | B-Boys/B-Girls/Dance, Culture, DJing, Events, News, North America, USA

Last weekend, Afrika Bambaataa and The Mighty Zulu Nation celebrated the 38th anniversary of hip-hop music and the 39th anniversary of the Zulu Nation.

Founder of the Universal Zulu Nation Afrika Bambaataa (right) presides, as Dr. Shaka Zulu (left) moderates the 38th Anniversary “Meeting of the Minds” @ the National Black Theater (Harlem, NYC) in 2011.


The Zulu Nation was founded in New York in the early 1970′s as reformed gang members began to organize cultural events for young people – combining elements of dance and music into what Bambaataa would later term “hip-hop.”

Originally called the Organization, the Universal Zulu Nation helped define the pillars of what became known as hip hop culture – emceeing, b-boying, dj-ing, beat-boxing and knowledge (of self).

By the 1980s, hip-hop had spread globally, and the Zulu Nation as a result also grew in influence and power. Since that time the Universal Zulu Nation has under the guidance of Afrika Bambaataa, grown to establish (autonomous) branches in JapanFrance, the UKAustraliaSouth Korea, and the Cape Flats in Cape Town South Africa.

Throughout this past weekend, the Zulu Nation celebrated hip-hop with a series of events that were hosted by a variety of rap legends. Fittingly, this 3-day celebration was held in the city that was the birthplace – New York City.

Over the first two nights, events were held at the Gramercy Theater in downtown Manhattan. Friday, November 9 was “Electrofunkin Breakz” with pioneering DJ’s TC Izlam, Africa Baby Bam and various others, and on Saturday (November 10), Jay-Z’s engineer DJ Young Guru, King Russ, DJ Red Alert, EL da Sensei, Grand Wizard Theodore and numerous other hip-hop pioneers performed. Both events were at the Gramercy Theater.

Sunday night (November 11), the finale event of the weekend was held at S.O.B.s and featured a gathering of legends like Chuck Chillout, The Crash Crew, Boogie Boys, Sequence, Donald D., Son of Bezerk and on co-hosting duties with Baron Ambrosia was the one-and-only Grandmaster Caz.

Check out the flyer below –  a review of the weekend will be posted soon! World Hip Hop Market wishes hip-hop and the Universal Zulu Nation happy anniversaries!