Sudan’s King of Rhymes & UK’s Hip Hop Legend Release “Stereoscopic Paramnesia”

Published On May 24, 2015 | By Greg | News, Palestine, Sudan, UK
(Toofless and Jehst at Casa Latina, Dubai)

(Toofless and Jehst at Casa Latina, Dubai)

From the Middle East to the West, and all the way back again, 3 artists came together to work on a euphoric choon that, with no doubt, will leave a non-erasable footprint in the world of Hip Hop. I’m talking about Sudan’s King of Rhymes Feras “Toofless” Ibrahim, UK’s Hip Hop legend Jehst and Palestine’s beat-master Muqata’a aka Boikutt.

In March 2014, the 3 met at Casa Latina (Dubai) during Jehst’s show with Toofless performing alongside. They instantly clicked and there were talks of collaborating on a track together. A year later, Stereoscopic Paramnesia is ready to be released this Tuesday, the 26th. The best part? It will be downloadable for free and y’all have the chance to listen to a leaked snippet of the track, right here and exclusively on Euphoric Choons.

To me, this track symbolizes the strength of art, music and Hip Hop. Hip Hop has allowed artists of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds to work together. While bombs are being dropped and wars are being fought, Hip Hop has created a platform for artists all over the world to fight back with words and beats, whether they’re about peace, life lessons or love. And even though the 3 artists live a million miles away from each other, the border barriers were never an issue for them.

Stereoscopic Paramnesia is defined as the distortion of memory wherein fact and fantasy are confused, while giving the illusion of three-dimensional depth vision. The title of the track was conceptualized after both artists (Toofless & Jehst) recorded their verses. With each of the 3 artists describing mind-altering experiences through their individual musical expression, and every verse pertaining to a dimension of its own.

Toofless speaks his mind thru Hip Hop, always been that way since day 1. On this track, he surprises us with shooting a few Arabic bars, addressing the Arabic Hip Hop culture. Starting with his roots – My bloodline gushes from the warriors of Dongula, a Nubian.. – he then takes us on a journey of internal conflicts, consciousness and more. Jehst jumps in the middle with full force, breaking it down to the listeners, comparing between fiction and fact and always keeping it real. This joint wouldn’t be complete without Muqataa’s touch. His experimental production style takes it to a whole other level, leaving your mental awake, alert and on call with horns piercing thru your ear drums. The 3 artists definitely and undoubtedly killed it!

About Feras Ibrahim aka Toofless:

Feras Ibrahim (a.k.a Toofless) is an independent UAE-based MC of Sudanese origin. His hip-hop expression materialized at the age of 17 and was formerly part of the renowned, forward-thinking and socially conscious hip-hop collective ‘Diligent Thought’.

Toofless is now linked with various affiliations; releasing music via labels such as Another Music (UK), WonderWheel Recordings (NYC), Deep Crates Cartel and Raqs Records (UAE). Feras released his solo EP ‘Neospective Glitch’ March 2014 via Another Music, collaborating w/ Sudanese producer SufYan.

He has performed in numerous venues such as Radio Beirut (Lebanon) for his EP release party which was part of the Beirut & Beyond International Festival, The Dubai Jazz Festival, The Dubai Chill Out Festival (alongside – De La Soul), Music Room (alongside – Wu Tang’s DJ Sueside), Casa Latina (alongside – UK hiphop legend Jehst) & many other art platforms around Dubai & the region.