Shanghai’s Mr. Trouble claims fake artists are “selling dog meat”

Published On August 9, 2014 | By Greg | China, News

Some people pretend to be artists, but they are actually “selling dog meat”. Or at least so says Mr. Trouble in his new single “Yang Tou Rou”.

“Yang Tou Rou” (sheep’s head meat) refers to a famous Chinese saying: “hanging sheep head, selling dog meat”. It indicates those merchants who put a sheep’s head on the vending desk and claim they are selling lamb, but they are actually selling dog meat. This is the title of the new song by Mr. Trouble, Shanghaiese rapper, and is also the leading track of his second original album “Nice”.

This is clearly a metaphor, by which Trouble tell us about those people who pretend to be artists, but actually are cheating the customer for their own interest, just like the aforesaid merchants.

“Two years ago, my friends were doing sales and advertisement, and few years later, they become artists! This song is dedicated to all the musicians, dancers, directors, painters, who act like artists, but they are doing like suckers. In China, there’s a lot a people like this”, Trouble says.

The song uses this metaphor to criticize those fake artists in an ironic way, as we can see also in the music video, where our man plays different roles, characterizing a bunch of ugly and bizarre “artists”.

“It’s like for example, if I were a director, but I’m not interested in shooting good movies, but just cheating money and lie to other people, and fuck those girls who want to be stars,” he explains, “but me and my homies we are doing real. We don’t do fake shit or using the term ‘artist’ but doing bad things”.

And that’s where the title of the song came from. Actually, there is another song with the same name “Yang Tou Rou”, by the Chinese folk music singer Zang Hong, and Trouble’s track contains a sample of it, with the howling voice of the old artist cutted and looped. A pretty keen and sarcastic Trouble, who puts together Chinese folk music with modern musical trends, getting a mature, catchy, international sound. Maybe is still soon for a “Chinese PSY” to came out, but, who knows?

reporting in Shanghai by Fabio Nalin