New Video Protests China’s New Education Policy “Brainwashing”

Published On September 28, 2012 | By Greg | China, Hong Kong, News, Taiwan

Two rappers committed to social justice and freedom released a new music video last week critical of China’s new National Education Policy.

by Greg Schick (World Hip Hop Market Editor-In-Chief)

Taiwanese rapper Dog G flew to Hong Kong to team up with MC Yan for a song entitled “Brainwash Education”.

In a time when typical music videos can costs thousands of dollars, Dog G recorded it with no budget. With only about $500 spent on flights and accommodations, the film was shot by director Jizo and edited in less than 5 days.

They timed the video to coincide with and support a student boycott on September 11. More than 100,000 students gathered in front of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in protest of a patriotic Chinese curriculum they say amounts to Communist Party brainwashing. They say that the curriculum deletes anything negative about Communist rule in China and promotes Chinese nationalism through propaganda.

“Hong Kong and Taiwan are a symbol of the freedom in the Chinese region,” Dog G told Taipei Times. “[They] do not want to see the destruction of their freedom. We wrote this song hoping to arouse more people and help the people of Hong Kong refuel.”

Taiwanese rapper Dog G is considered a hip hop pioneer in Taiwan. His 2002 album, Lotus from the Tongue, was the first ever full rap album in the Chinese-speaking world.

MC Yan is the former lead voice of LMF, the 90s Hong Kong super group famous for their anti-commercial music and working class roots. Yan cotinues to release music with strong social justice message, most recently a reggae track and an LP called 3 Angles with Edison Chen and Chef.  He is often considered the “godfather of hip hop” in Hong Kong.

Within the first 10 days of the video’s release on YouTube, it had been seen over 100,000 times. Not bad considering that YouTube is outlawed in China. The Chinese government has also banned some Hong Kong artists from performing in mainland China.

Other celebrities turned out to the protest in support of the students including actors/directors CHOW Yun-fat, Anthony WONG, Paul WONG, Joey YUNG and Hins CHEUNG.

“Taiwan is the last place for Chinese to have freedom,” said one activist who asked to remain anonymous. “Hong Kong has surrendered to China’s ‘invasion’. People are blind here today. If Chinese in China can see and join, a war is coming. There are riots happening everywhere, every day in China. If those people know what others are doing, then the whole nation is f***ed up. [There’s] simply ‘not enough police’.”

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