International Hip Hop Invades A3C Festival in Atlanta

Published On October 10, 2012 | By Greg | Barbados, Cape Verde, Events, Features, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Singapore, UK, USA

In its long line of international hip hop showcases, World Hip Hop Market is proud to present Planet Hip-Hop at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta on Friday, October 12, 2012.

In partnership with public relations/social media firm The Bloom Effect and global media-education company Nomadic Wax, World Hip Hop Market will present a diverse and talented mix of artists from Panama, Singapore, Cape Verde, Mexico, Barbados, the Netherlands and UK.

The show runs from 7 pm to 10 pm on the Jakprints stage at Masquerade (695 N. Avenue Northeast). Facebook event page

This year’s show will be headlined by the Panama-via-the-Bay Area duo Los Rakas – a duo who are tearing up the US with their West Coast tracks mixed with the Latin style. If you missed our interview with them earlier this year, check it out here.

Singapore’s Kevin Lester is making big splash in America this year. The smooth, English speaking MC is a real Asian powerhouse. Read our interview with him here.

One of our favorite artists, Bocafloja from Mexico City, is a conscious emcee – often cited as a Spanish speaking Native Tongues style artist. He is currently releasing a video for every track on his 2012 album —- and continues to perform around the US, Mexico and Central America. Read the interview with Bocafloja.

Chachi is a native of Rhode Island with Cape Verdian parents. He has frequently performing in the land of his ancestors. He also known in the states for twice winning Wild Out Wednesdays on BET’s 106 and Park. Read the Chachi interview here.

Teff is a young artist from Barbados. Because of the small music scene there, his aspirations are worldwide! Check out more about Teff in this interview.

Finally – Planet Hip-Hop has partnered with the Dutch music conference New Skool Rules to highlight their 2012 talent search winners. These artists are in Atlanta to collaborate with some American producers and artists and will also be featured in the New Skool Rules conferendce in April 2013. Dr. Rum and Raverty are from the Netherlands while GTEE hails from London.

A3C Hip Hop Festival takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 11th -13th and is the largest hip hop festival in the Southeast. Now in its 8th year, A3C features musical performances as well as breakdance, graphic art, fashion, film, producer showcases, pro audio demonstrations and music industry panels. The event has become a central gathering location for Hip Hop fans as well as MCs, DJs, producers and anyone else looking to advance their careers within the music industry.

Atlanta’s own DJ 4th Wurld will be holding down the 1s and 2s for Planet Hip-Hop with the ever energetic Fort Knox hosting.

This year’s event is sponsored by and Flyin Colors.