Fresh Daily: Torabyeh – “Ghorbah” ft. Husam Abed (Jordan)

Published On February 29, 2012 | By jackson | Asia, Culture, Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Jordan

This video is a tour de force for the Jordan-based alternative hip-hop arts crew Torabyeh. With some of the hardest-hitting lyrics coming from the global hip-hop massive in recent memory, the song’s creators have no doubt been emboldened by the upheaval that has been occurring in the Arab world for the last year and change.

All of the figures in the video -save for the rappers (spiro mukurker aka MC Rasasah, and Ahmed Shehadeh aka MC Kazz) and singer Husam Abed- are walking in the symbolic dark, blindfolded in a way that conjures up for many the spectre of kidnappings in the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War to Palestine, Algeria, Iran, Iraq and Syria as well as the torture tactics of governments in the West and East.

The lyrics address very personal issues for the two MCs – existential in nature – alluding to their identities living in Jordan’s capital Amman and the legacy of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and its subsequent effects. And, in a nod to the revolutionary Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbani, son of Lebanese diva Fairuz, Abed intones in the chorus:

“Our country needs her men, she has become a widower
It’s time to stand up
Ziad Rahbani tell them who’s the non-believer ”

The following is a description of Torabyeh that the group provides on their social networking profiles:

An Amman based alternative art’s group, Torabyeh is commited to pioneering a much needed art’s revolution in Amman. They communicate their messages of revolt through text, sound and image. Rap, hip-hop and rebellious lyrics against the background of traditional Arab music creates a unique new genre of sound to Arab music.Members of Torabyeh: Firas Shehadeh , Saed Masannat (DJ Voinic) , spiro mukurker (MC Rasasah), Ahmed Shehadeh (MC Kazz), Aram Demerjyan.

Don’t forget to peep the English translation of the song and the video stats below!


Ghorbah or Strangers

Rasasah (Verse 1)

“My status is deformed because of my art

My poetry for my people is meaningless
My departure from earth is only a matter of time
The good I do on earth is not to gain blessings from the heavens
I just want a place where I can secure my son’s rights
I am not a killer but I can commit a crime to protect my rights
For my country my pen is writing for me
I don’t want an Israeli soldier to stop me from being buried in my country
I want to be buried in the same graveyard my grandfather is in
Ever since I was young I dreamt of being a soldier
With time I discovered whom I belong to
Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah, Hamas or Jabha
Let me be free because they are all mercenaries
I can no longer deal with these people living a lie
The picture is nice but the background is destroyed
Now we need a visa to enter our own country?
It seems the people are distracted with the revolutions
They forgot Iraq and they forgot Shatila & Sabra
I refuse to be some regular human being
And what’s available in Amman in its best cases is bare
So why don’t I belong to a free revolution
Where the employer and employee are the same status
Rasasah; stay calm!
How can I when all the Israelis are reserve soldiers ”

Hussam (CHORUS)

“Could it be that we have reached to this point?
Our country needs her men, she has become a widower
It’s time to stand up
Ziad Rahbani tell them who’s the non-believer ”

Kazz (Verse 1)

“I am packing my things getting ready to leave
From Amman to a place with no moonlight
All desert…all alcohol…with only a few trees
So I can feed myself from you mother nature
With your fast growth …you are never satisfied
Because they are always cutting you down…I will protect you
From all of those non-believers
My grandfather had an orchard and he always protected you
But when the sons of bitches occupied the land they stole you
And my grandfather lived and died dreaming of you
Now I come to you to share my pain
Because I felt that me and you are the same
The projects in Amman are throwing us around
Mother nature hold me and return me back inside you
Because all this construction above you is adding to my pain
I wish I was a gypsy going from tent to tent
Because my place in this society has no worth
I don’t feel well, I feel like shit
We’ve been fucked a thousand times and we’re still going backwards
After what has happened and what will happen
The fate is the same; murdered or captured
I am like all of those who life threw to the gutter
Deprived from happiness and sentenced to fade away
The only difference is that I am supported by rhythm”

Hussam (CHORUS)

“Could it be that we have reached to this point?
Our country needs her men, she has become a widower
It’s time to stand up ”
Ziad Rahbani tell them who’s the non-believer”
Music Production & Sound Design :

By : Saed Masannat (Voinic)
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