Fresh Daily: K’naan – “Nothing To Lose (Remix)” ft. Nas (Somalia/USA)

Published On October 12, 2012 | By jackson | Africa, Culture, Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Latest Videos, North America, Somalia, USA

An excerpt from writer Christopher Keith Johnson’s (Thy Black Man [dot] com) piece that features analysis on K’naan’s video/song collabo with Nas:

“Nothing to Lose (Remix) is respected for a reason. Nas brought his It Ain’t Hard to Tell as opposed to his Oochie Wally game to this match. But K’Naan has never sounded better with vivid story telling taking the listener as close to the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia as most are ever likely to go. He matches Mr. Jones verse for verse. Nas and K’Naan complement each other so well on this track that the listener could only hope for an LP or at least an EP with these two veterans going back and forth throughout.

There is a bit of “whose hood is tougher” machismo flowing through this track, but it’s a very subtle and almost negligible undercurrent. That the political violence in East Africa is characterized as being no different than what is mistakenly projected as apolitical turf wars and petty drug beefs in black America, is the greatest triumph of the track. Somewhere in the value chain of war—of the street, ethnic, or clan variety—is politics. Nas and K’Naan GET that.”

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