Fresh Daily: Amkoullel – “S.O.S. (feat. Mylmo)” (Mali)

Published On June 11, 2012 | By Greg | Fresh Daily: Video of the Day, Mali

Recent conflicts in Northern Mali may not find their way into American news media, but all of West Africa is taking note. As rival rebel groups vie for control of the region, it’s the average Malians who suffer.

Enter Amkoullel, the most well known hip hop artist the country has to offer. He has made a name for himself as smart, charismatic and uplifting to the people of Mali. As recent as last year, his positive messages of society saw him sent by the President on a countrywide tour for all his countrymen to hear.

But his new video has been censored by national television in Mali (the first time a Malian rapper has ever been censored). It shows images of protests and incites listeners: “It’s an S.O.S.! People are in a desperate state! Things must change! NEVER EVER AGAIN!”

Amkoullel is using this song as a way to raise money for Northern Mali victims of an explosion that happened at the end of 2011. The song is available on iTunes (in the USA as well). Amkoullel says on his web site: “By buying this title, you donate the people of northern Mali. All profits from downloads will go to SOS Malian victims of northern Mali. (iTunes) Thank you for your solidarity.”