DJ Hardwerk and Akon Partner for “Tell Me We’re OK”

Published On June 23, 2016 | By Greg | News, Nigeria, USA

Over one billion people worldwide live without electricity.

That’s the challenge being approached musically by Grammy-nominated producer DJ Hardwerk and Akon with their new single “Tell Me We’re Ok”. The musical partnership was furthered by Duwayne “DaDa” Mills (Gluemen Agency) who connected the artists with Shell Oil for this global campaign. This is the first partnership of its kind between musical entity and an oil company. The initiative is entitled #MakeTheFuture.

The music video was filmed in America, Brazil and Africa and features Africa’s first human and solar powered soccer field in Lagos, Nigeria. Here’s how it works:

“As the players run, more than 90 underground Pavegen tiles capture kinetic energy from their footsteps which alongside solar panels generates enough energy to power the floodlights. This kinetic innovation in alternative energy is groundbreaking for villages, communities, houses, schools, health centers, and small businesses in rural areas who will receive electricity for the first time ever.”

Akon is no stranger to working with new energy solutions. His “Akon Lighting Africa” campaign has provided a wide range of quality solar solutions to over 14 countries in Africa.

“#MakeTheFuture expands upon my personal commitment to bring change the world with alternative energy solutions,” says Akon, “and DJ Hardwerk’s ‘Tell Me We’re OK,’ provides the soundtrack to this energy revolution.”

Hardwerk adds, “I’m not an energy expert, but I see value in #MakeTheFuture and recognize the importance of creating alternative energy sources. Akon is from Senegal, West Africa and both of my parents are from Kingston, so I spent a lot of time in Jamaica as a youth. Lagos reminded me a lot of Kingston, just bigger. A lot of the issues that we face in Jamaica are the same issues that plague other third world countries. When DaDa brought me the opportunity to be a part of the #MakeTheFuture initiative with Shell, and I saw how they were revolutionizing reusable sustainable energy in the third world, it was a no brainer.”

“Tell Me We’re OK,” is the first single to be released from DJ Hardwerk’s forthcoming EP 1st Shift which drops summer 2016 on The Alliance Music Productions.

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