BPM – Brasil Portugal Misturado – a pioneer Lusophone rap experience

Published On July 1, 2016 | By Greg | Brazil, News, Portugal

by Oráculo (for World Hip Hop Market)

Hip Hop tears down barriers, shortens the space, builds up and cements connections between different people (quoting Common “How many nations this culture connected?”).

BPM – Brasil Portugal Misturados (Brazil Portugal Mixed) is a proof of how much Hip-Hop, music and language can bring people together. Having Portuguese as a common language and Hip-Hop as a shared passion Mundo Segundo (Portugal), Vinicius Terra (Brazil) and Sr. Alfaiate (a.k.a. DJ Nelassassin) (Portugal)  decided to create what is, probably, the first international “Lusophone” rap  group (I can’t remember an international Lusophone rap group, but if you know one, please let me know!!)

The idea of this album has its roots at the festival Terra do Rap, organized by Vinicius Terra in Brazil. It’s purpose is establishing connections between hiphoppers, artists and public from the Lusophone world and to explore the significance of the Portuguese language as a common heritage. While studying, Vinicius realized how important the language can be for the identity of a people and how language influences the way of thinking and influencing a society and it’s culture.

This gave him the will to start a festival in Brazil that could build bridges between people that are brought closer by their language and common inheritance, even if they live miles away from each other (as the poet Fernando Pessoa said, “My homeland is the Portuguese language”).

The first edition of the festival was in 2013 and Mundo Segundo and Sr. Alfaiate where guests representing Portugal. The theme was “Ponte Rio-Lisboa” (“Bridge Rio-Lisboa”) and the music “Versus que atravessam o Atlântico” (by the MC’s Vinicius Terra, Mundo Segundo and Allen Halloween and the producer 2F) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMh7EtWbu7w – recorded and the experience started. This music celebrates the Portuguese language and a common heritage as an already existing bridge between different nations and states that this is a new chapter for the Lusophone world. As Mundo says in one of his verses “And I didn’t tear down the barriers didn’t exist”, or on the chorus “For the Lusofonia a new day borns/Different people wake up on the same tune”. The instrumental was built upon samples of Portuguese music.

In 2014, Vinicius was in Portugal on tour around the country and he met Mundo and Sr. Alfaite, with whom he recorded this pioneer album was recording in a few days. It has the collaboration of Allen Halloween and Bob X (on the track “Versos que atravessam o Atlântico”) and Ana Lu (on the track “Inocência Perdida”). The album was offered for free download: