Australia’s Bukkcity has knack for finding trouble and making music

Published On February 3, 2009 | By Greg | Australia

(from Unda K9 news release)

Born in Canberra. Raised in New Jersey. Residing in Melbourne.

While hip-hop so often obsesses over representing your hometown, Bukkcity would rather hold it down for all three. While other emcees do their best to fit the moulds set by those that went before them, Bukkcity would rather carve his own niche by relating unique experiences that have – quite literally – brought him half way around the world and back again.

Born in Australia’s national capital to an African American father and a South African mother, Bukk’s family uprooted to Jersey, New York, as he faced a childhood far less sheltered than the one that had been promised to him in Canberra. After his father departed and the family moved several more times, a story not so unfamiliar in any territory… and like most kids in that situation he struggled to come to terms with the responsibility of being the only man in the house with his mother and two sisters, a responsibility that was thrust upon him well before he could call himself a man. In a place of ubiquitous violence, drugs and more violence, Bukkcity found himself a teenager with a struggling family and a talent for two things in particular – finding trouble and making music.

After twenty-one years, Bukk found saving grace when he move back home to Australia. While he didn’t quite know it at the time, the move allowed him at once to move on from a troubled past and focus on music. Boasting a newfound perspective, Bukk recounts his experiences from a view that only a change of environment and a good dose of reflection can bring. He quickly discovered that emcees in Australia related to their audience on a local level, a level he genuinely didn’t understand at
first upon his arrival back to Australia, but has grown to understand and deeply respect.

With his debut Mini-Album around the corner, Bukkcity has already begun winning over Australian audiences with an infectious swagger and the lyrical chops to match it with the best of them in this town. His first mixtape release, The 1st & 15th, put him on the local radar with its combination of brazen, sometimes-venomous battle raps and moments of quiet introspection. His second release, Underbelly: The Mixtape, a cleverly amusing download, generated ill-informed controversy for its presumed glorification of gangland activities, but was widely lauded by critics and listeners both inside and outside the hip-hop scene.

The Same Place release sonically fuses a few different genres in the production. Bukk’s debut Single “Nobody Wanted This” is the perfect introduction to the way this artist challenges the way he sees the world. This Mini-Album is not a hardcore hip-hop release, and it’s not about an American rapper who has come here to show-up the local scene with his American culture, it’s about an artist called Bukkcity whose real name is Andre Knight, and he has recorded some of his life experiences, opinions and some social topics on seven well sorted instrumentals, that’s all, it’s just music… great music!

Bukkcity – “Nobody Wanted This”


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