• malone_slider
    11 2014 November

    Video: Malone – “Surrender (ft. Eïsa)” (France)

    Malone is a French artist that we have been recently introduced to. He’s exactly the kind of artist we love: inspiring, hopeful and positive. The Paris-based MC has released four records on his own label,...

  • yeti_slider
    07 2014 November

    Video: Y-ETizm – “Talk 2 Dem (Ft. Life MC & Inja)” (UK)

    Life MC and Inja, a couple of our favorite UK emcees, are back and teamed up with emerging London based producer Y-ETizm. Over this stripped down, snappy beat, the duo spit knowledge and flavor. Pure...

  • DC2DK-Team_slilder
    07 2014 November

    DC Artist Kokayi Visits Dakar for Cultral Exchange #DC2DK

    In July 2013, DC hip hop artist Kokayi began the DC2DK project, an arts exchange between sister cities Washington DC and Dakar, Senegal. The trip was facilitated by Africulturban, a Dakar-based urban youth organization who also produce...

  • taku_slider
    28 2014 October

    Video: Taku Mazire – “House of Hunger” (South Africa)

    New voice from Cape Town, South Africa: Taku Mazire. Originally form Zimbabwe, this MC breaks down the conditions of living in Cape Town. https://www.facebook.com/conFuzeCF...

  • ayoba_soldier_slider
    10 2014 October

    Video: Ayoba – “Soldier” (Senegal)

    New music from Ayoba (AYO-BA) aka Bouniol , Senegalese rapper from Thiaroye (suburb of Dakar). Ayoba has a background in literature and African culture, and also originated as a hip hop dancer in high school. His...

  • djsmooth_slider
    14 2014 August

    DJ Smooth Back 2 Da Boom Bap mixtape features Europe, Africa, USA

    Nigeria’s DJ Smooth, in collaboration with executive producer Kobie Kiambu, have released a new global hip hop mixtape, Back 2 Da Boom Bap. The global project features artists from Africa, USA and Europe including the likes...

  • tokyo-tribes_slider
    11 2014 August

    Japanese Hip Hop Action/Musical Tokyo Tribe Coming to U.S.

    Adaptation of controversial ultra-violent rap-battle manga Tokyo Tribes is heading to the U.S. XYZ Films has announced that it will handle U.S. sales of Tokyo Tribe, the live-action adaptation of a controversial manga that combines...

  • mrtrouble_dogmeat
    09 2014 August

    Shanghai’s Mr. Trouble claims fake artists are “selling dog meat”

    Some people pretend to be artists, but they are actually “selling dog meat”. Or at least so says Mr. Trouble in his new single “Yang Tou Rou”. “Yang Tou Rou” (sheep’s head meat) refers to a...

  • blackinjapan_slider
    04 2014 August

    Big in Japan: ‘I wanna be black’

      A group of Japanese teens who want to be black are changing how they look. “B-Styling”, a reference to “black lifestyle”, is a growing trend among young Japanese, who admire the black American hip-hoppers....

  • philly_slider
    23 2014 July

    Hip-hop takes centre stage at National Indigenous Music Awards (Australia)

    Indigenous hip-hop emerged as a response to ”the poverty lifestyle”, says former Essendon AFL player and now record label boss Nathan Lovett-Murray, but it could provide the next Australian musical breakthrough internationally. “We haven’t had...



DC Artist Kokayi Visits Dakar for Cultral Exchange #DC2DK

November 7, 2014 | Comments

In July 2013, DC hip hop artist Kokayi began the DC2DK project, an arts exchange between sister cities Washington DC and Dakar, Senegal. The trip was facilitated by Africulturban, a Dakar-based urban...

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Big in Japan: ‘I wanna be black’

August 4, 2014 | Comments


A visit to Xiamen City. Chinese rapper Young Jack introduces “FRESHTAPE” project. by Fabio Nalin (for World Hip Hop Market) Xiamen is a sunny city located on an island facing Taiwan in the Fujian province,...

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Interview: Jinn the Rapper (Pakistan)

January 28, 2014 | Comments

We discovered Pakistani emcee Jinn the Rapper last summer online through mutual friends. He was set to perform at a small festival in Ethiopia – and we knew there had to be a story there....

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Shanghai – Friday night – rapper Trouble invited me to the release party of his new mixtape “MDOTY”. Rapper and producer Trouble has a nerdy and low profile style. He is a keen thinker with...

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On April 26, an emcee and producer from different parts of the world came together in unison releasing an EP that defines what hip hop is all about. Through the hip hop culture we all...

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Why aren’t there more female rappers in Aussie hip-hop?

June 9, 2014 | Comments

Male voices dominate the debate surrounding rapper Iggy Azalea and her connection to the hip-hop scene of her home country, a symptom of the industry in general. We asked four...

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Introducing, ‘Tembeza Kinasa’

January 29, 2014 | Comments

The Gospel Hip Hop with Minister Server

July 2, 2013 | Comments